What should you expect from a wedding coordinator – bridal concierge?

bridal concierge, wedding coordinator, wedding conciergA bridal concierge, also known as a wedding concierge or wedding coordinator is hired to assist the bride and groom on their wedding day by assisting with the long “To Do” list that must be completed for the day to be a complete success.  The wedding concierge has a goal to make the wedding less stressful for the bride and groom. Often, the bride will be the person that will work with the bridal concierge to explain her vision for the day, the rooms and the details! Typically, the bride will have taken the lead on all the planning details, but the day of the wedding she will want to hand over her timelines and spreadsheets.  The bridal concierge will step in to confirm all details are executed to perfection and the bride will relax and enjoy her big day.
Each bride will have a unique set of wishes, so it will be important for the wedding concierge to be flexible and able to tackle the list with confidence.  The list may include handling all of the choreography for the day including set up, coordinating vendors, clean up and making sure that everything runs smoothly.
This checklist includes many of the items you will need for the ceremony.  Your Bridal Concierge can double check this list to confirm all needed items are in the appropriate location.

  • Marriage License
  • Wedding Vows
  • Wedding Rings
  • Readings – If needed, it is a good idea to have an extra set.
  • Ceremony Music – Make sure there is an extra copy.
  • Wedding Programs
  • Flower Girl Basket
  • Ring Pillow
  • Aisle Runner
  • Unity Candle or Other Unity Ceremony Accessories
  • Seating chart

It is generally a good idea to have your wedding coordinator confirm all details with your wedding day vendors.  Provide a full list of vendors (listed below) and wedding party members with contact information so that the wedding coordinator can manage this process without interrupting the bride.

  • Officiate
  • Photographer
  • Reception site contact
  • Florist
  • Caterer/bartender
  • Ceremony musicians or music
  • Videographer, DJ, band, or other entertainment for reception
  • Limousine driver or other transportation

Often, the value of the bridal concierge is realized during set up of the ceremony and the reception.  They will do the physical labor to prepare the site.  These items require time and attention and a bridal concierge will be able to focus on these details while the bride relaxes with family and friends as she prepares for the day ahead. Consider asking the bridal concierge to do these things:

  • Set up tables and chairs.
  • Set plates and silverware.
  • Arrange centerpieces.
  • Make sure the guest book and place cards are in place.
  • Arrange favors, candy bar and décor items.
  • Have baskets in place for cards and set up tables for gifts.

A bridal concierge is an affordable solution for a busy bride.

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