The Wedding Countdown

The Wedding Countdown.  Here is a check list for the week before the big day!22637125_s
You have planned and planned and planned and now your wedding is just a week away.  Are you ready?  To ensure that the day goes smoothly, it’s wise to be prepared. We want to help so we have organized a list of some of the things that can be done the week before the wedding.
Preparing for the wedding

  1. The Marriage License
  2. Confirm details with vendors
  3. Practice Hair and Make Up
  4. Prepare Your Honeymoon Bag
  5. Final Preparations
  6. A little reminder

The Marriage License
When preparing for the wedding, couples forget that marriage licenses only last for a short period of time. So to make things easier, find out the cost and the documents needed to successfully obtain the marriage license. With this also comes changing last names and setting up new passports with that name listed on it. (Here is the link to the Probate Office which handles your marriage license in Hamilton County. If you live in another state or county just google marriage license and your state and county )
Confirm details with vendors
Now is the time for last minute confirmations with each vendor. Make sure you provide any special request that may be necessary for your guests such as diet restrictions or handicap accessibility. Go over final cost and keep track of the money owed to each vendor, consider making a spread sheet so you have all the information in one place.  Confirm times and locations with each vendor.
Practice Hair and Make-Up
Whether you are doing your own hair and make-up or you are having it professionally done, it is a good idea to practice it before your wedding day.  During your trial run be sure to note how long it takes and confirm that your make-up is going to be perfect for the time of day you will be taking pictures.
Prepare Your Honeymoon Bag
Many newlyweds’ leave for their honeymoon after the wedding reception and to make sure that transition goes smoothly you need to plan ahead. You can pack everything in your bag except your essential toiletries and make-up and cross that task off the list!
Final Preparations
The day before the wedding is when you should review your spreadsheet and checklist.  Once you have checked off all the things you have accomplished you can relax and let the fun begin.  Plan the things that you can control and try not to stress too much about the things out of your control. Enjoy the day with family and friends and those who have helped you with your wedding plans.
A little reminder
Whenever you start to stress or overthink, just remember that it all comes down to two words.  As long as you both say “I do”, then you have accomplished the goal.
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