Resolving our New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s ResolutionsNew-Year-Resolutions
Are you one of the 45% of us who made New Year’s resolutions? And if you are, have you managed to keep them so far? It feels like mine have been the same year after year, and I’m sure this is true for many of us.
According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, the top 5 New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, getting organized, spend less/save more, enjoy life to the fullest, and staying fit and healthy. Only 8% of us manage to achieve our resolutions.
CNBC offers some good advice on sticking to your resolutions:
Start small. This is probably one reason I’ve managed to keep one of mine so far, when in years past I’ve failed quickly. If you’re not already in the habit of going to the gym for an hour every day, this would require incredible willpower. So choose a goal that is more easily doable – like talking a daily walk – and you can always ramp up from there.
Don’t change everything at once.spring-cleaning-get-organized-7 January is a time for renewal for many of us, but that doesn’t mean we have to organize the garage, the storage room, lose 10 pounds and cut out sugar this month. Here’s where we could come in: just getting certain things scheduled can help you feel like you’re moving forward in the right direction. So contact us now to schedule a time for us to help you get some projects done that you’ve been putting off.
Don’t go it alone. Share your resolutions with a friend or in a social media group and you’ll be way more accountable for your goals.
Failure as an option. Don’t give up entirely if you’ve messed up. So even after I mindlessly ate way too many chocolate chips the other day, I still got on the elliptical and didn’t give up on the day entirely. I call this baby steps.
Need some help? Give us a call and we can help get your to do list, done!

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