We shopped for over 200 lbs of groceries.

Our customer is a legally blind, high level executive for a large area employer. He often travels the world for his job, but he does not drive so he calls us to stock the fridge when he is in town. How can one guy eat 200 lbs of food you wonder?? Well the answer is his furry friends. Each trip to the grocery includes multiple bags of cat litter and cat food….and they are heavy!

We delivered ice cream to a hot office staff.

Our customer was treated to a baseball game by her customer and she wanted to show her appreciation in a unique way so she called us. We picked up 5 pints of ice cream with bowls and spoons and delivered them to her customer for a late afternoon surprise.

We picked up supplies for a school project .

Our customer has kids in school. Anyone with kids in school has heard the words…”I told you about it last week Mom!”. This is when a desperate mom calls us to pick up the supplies and deliver them to her child at home so the project can be finished and turned in on time!

We helped guests get on a bus that was taking them to a special event. Then we called the host to let them know they were on their way.

Our customer was hosting a big event in Indiana. She needed to be there the day before the event to make sure everything was ready to go. She had arranged for a bus to take some of the guests to the event and called us to greet people as they got to the bus meeting point and confirm that the bus didn’t leave until all the guests scheduled to ride the bus had arrived. When the bus left for Indiana we called her to confirm that everyone was on their way and ready for the big event.

We merged and unscrambled a very mixed up mailing list.

Mailing list mix ups…admit it…it has happened to you. Our customer has multiple mailing lists and she knows that having just one list to work from would save time and money so she called us. We worked with her to eliminate duplicates, delete wrong addresses and combine the lists into one master list. Now she doesn’t count the number of returned pieces, she just counts the new orders and customers!!

We organized hundreds of recipes into orderly binders.

Our customer loves to cook and therefore loves to collect recipes but she found the recipes were not any use if they were all mixed up in a stack shoved into a binder, so she called us. We helped sort the recipes and then put them in plastic sheet protectors in smaller categorized binders so she can always find just the right thing to make.

We wrapped 4900 gifts in 10 days for some very deserving employees.

Wrap it up…I’ll take it. And wrap we did, when our customer decided to offer gift wrapping for the holidays to all their employees in four separate buildings. Like little elves we wrapped and wrapped until all 4900 gifts looked like they could be delivered directly from the North Pole.

We picked up boxes of chocolate Easter bunnies at the school so they wouldn’t melt on the bus.

What do you do when you have helped your children raise money for their school by selling dozens of chocolate Easter bunnies and you can’t leave work and your children can’t carry them all on the bus? Well, of course, you call your local errand service. We were able to pick up the bunnies at the school and deliver them safely so they could be handed out on Easter morning.

We tracked down a special edition book for a special Father’s Day present.

Our customer wanted a special book for her father for Father’s Day. It was a new book and she couldn’t find it at her local book store and didn’t have time to search the city. We were able to track down the last copy at one bookstore. She picked it up that night and was again the apple of her father’s eye.

We researched the best way to get squirrels safely out of an attic and a heat pump.

Our customer needed information on how to get squirrels out of the attic and the heat pump.

We coordinated the replacement of a rear view mirror in a parking lot.

Coordinated the replacement of a rearview mirror in a parking lot.

We helped a company in Las Vegas run an event in Cincinnati.

Helped a company from Las Vegas run an event in Cincinnati.