After surgery or intensive medical treatments a person may feel overwhelmed with daily tasks. Not everyone has relatives or friends that are able to assist them after they return home from the hospital. Concierge services are not a new idea but having a medical recovery concierge can help a patient recover and keep a household running smoothly. Light house cleaning is may no longer an easy chore for a recovering patient. Weight lifting limitations and mobility issues may prevent a person from being able to complete simple cleaning tasks. A medical concierge service can provide the extra help needed to keep a house tidy.

Most patients after a medical procedure will need prescriptions to be filled and picked up. Medical recovery concierge services can take prescriptions to the store, have them filled and bring them back to the patient by time doses need to be taken.

Grocery shopping is another service medical concierges can offer. Lifting restrictions can prevent a patient from retrieving heavy objects from store shelves. If a person cannot lift anything heavier than 5 pounds, an 8 pound gallon of milk is off limits. Simple things such as grocery shopping can ensure the patient has an adequate and healthy food supply at home.

As with grocery shopping, medical recovery concierge services can offer food preparation for patients and family. Mobility issues can make it difficult to maneuver around kitchens and heavy pots and pans create injury risks if they are too heavy. Medical concierge services offer meal planning as well as preparation. The patient does not need to worry about planning and cooking for them or their family while recovering.

An often forgotten need of a person recovering from a medical condition is communicating with family and friends. Friends and family call or visit to check on a recovering patient. Often the patient is not well enough or does not want the intrusion of visitors during their recovery. Medical concierge services allow patients to keep family and friends informed about their condition without having the stress associated with company. Medical concierge services can reduce stress and knowing tasks are complete can be important to a patient and help aid in a faster recovery.