Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

blog-2-gutterWith November just a few days away now, is your home ready for winter? Although is reporting that this winter will be warmer and drier than the past (Thanks El Nino!), it’s still good to take a look at what we should be doing to feel confident that our home will be able to withstand colder temps and snow.

There are a whopping 41 tasks Bob Vila says to do before winter. I don’t know about you, but that thought makes me cringe! There are many checklists online, of course, that are much less comprehensive.

From my review of several articles, there seem to be a few biggies to pay attention to – in order to save time later in avoiding repair     hassles and to save on home heating costs. These big tips are:

  1. Clean out gutters to prevent pest infestation, prevent ice build-up on roof, and to minimize the risk of mold
  2. Trim trees with limbs that could break off in a winter storm and damage your house or car, or even knock out your power
  3. Have your furnace checked and cleaned by a licensed contractor
  4. Repair any roof leaks now
  5. Consider adding insulation to improve heating efficiency
  6. Disconnect garden hoses from spigots and store them in the garage or shed
  7. Winterize underground sprinkling

While these tasks definitely add to your to-do list, the benefits of saving time and money later make them very worthwhile.

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