In Busy Q4, Short-term Office Assistance May Be A Solution

Don't go crazy, let us help!Falling leaves, chilly mornings, and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! This can only mean fourth quarter has arrived, which for many small businesses means a seriously busy few months.
Meeting revenue goals set for the year, forecasting for 2016, and making sure your customers are served in spite of employee travel and vacations bring many headaches. But yet thoughtful planning needs to be done to ensure future success. It’s those important but “easy to put on the back burner” items that are often overlooked this time of year.
Andrew Filev of FastCompany  wrote a short post on making sure you keep your eye on the big picture in Q4 planning. In October, he recommends setting next year’s goals. Use November to communicate those goals to all, and December should be a time of reflection to determine how to improve. Those are lofty goals for a business operator to undertake when the demands of the day-to-day business are screaming for attention.
There is a great checklist for small business owners’ to follow that includes not only strategic planning, but also high importance/low priority items like organizing mileage records, creating budgets, and planning in advance for employee and client appreciation gifts and events.
Many businesses find that hiring temporary workers in fourth quarter fills a gap. But for some business operators, finding and hiring and training these temp workers just isn’t feasible. The time it takes to find someone to handle the tasks, manage them, pay them, etc. doesn’t get them any further ahead.

Let Best Friend Errand Service help!
If you’re stuck with a monster to-do list and can’t add any more tasks, why not consider short-term office assistance? Filing that stack of papers, answering your phone calls, or running office errands are easy things to quickly outsource so you have time to focus on being more strategic as you wrap up your fiscal year.
Need that space organized? Need those papers filed? Need someone to handle online research? How about preparing thoughtful client appreciation gifts? Give us a call at Best Friend Errand Service, where we get your to-do list done!

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