Good Reasons to Use a Grocery Delivery Service

There are no right or wrong reason for using a grocery delivery service but here are a few things to consider.

1. Save money by eliminating impulse purchases. If you’re having trouble sticking to a grocery budget, it may be because grocery stores were designed to make you stray from your budget. Statistics show that on average, 20-30% of your purchases will be made on impulse. Send us the list. We eliminate the impulse shopping and save you money! (We even save coupons for you!)

2. Save time by creating one master grocery list. Our shopping experience shows that on average, 75% of the items on your list this week will be repeated next week. This means creating a master grocery list will eliminate the stress of what to put on the list. Create one master list and simply add or subtract items.

3. Complete service helps busy families and traveling professionals. Using a service that shops, delivers and puts away groceries can be a dream for busy people. Simply send us your list and while you are out managing your busy day, we will stock your refrigerator and your pantry!

4. We can be a savior if you have a temporary injury. Are you currently on crutches? Do you live on the 4th floor? Is your arthritis flaring up? Utilize a grocery delivery service temporarily and let someone else carry the heavy, bulky items for you.