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What if you could outsource your daily “To Do” list to a trusted, reliable and professional personal assistant?

With Best Friend Errand Service, a concierge service provider, you can have the ability to accomplish more with a little help from a new Best Friend. Your personal assistant and errand running task master can assure that your time will once again become your own. Our personal concierge services will help you take control of your busy day so that you can always find time to sit back and relax.

Whether you are a personal, small business or corporate customer, we work to tailor our services to meet your needs. We find ways to do more so that you can do less and enjoy a much-needed work/life balance.

When you don’t have enough time…we do!

Grocery Delivery Service
Grocery Delivery Service

Save money by eliminating impulse purchases. If you’re having trouble sticking to a grocery budget, it may be because grocery stores were designed to make you stray from your budget.

Personal Concierge
Personal Concierge

Your day starts early and it is full of obligations to work, family and friends which can make it difficult to accomplish your everyday tasks. We can change that by providing quality services and managing your To-Do list allowing you to enjoy more of your day.


Office Concierge Service is the answer to your small business or growing business needs. We provide the helping hands you need to keep your office running smoothly without interrupting the flow of business.


This is a smart and affordable option for brides who have or will complete the majority of their wedding day schedule but want to enlist the help of a professional concierge service to be sure the plan is executed to perfection.

Gift Wrapping Concierge Service
Gift Wrapping Concierge Service

When the holidays arrive the lights get bright, the air gets cool and your time disappears. Our holiday Gift Wrapping Service is a unique way for companies to reward their staff and individuals to get back some of that time.


Your choices in aftercare are as important as your procedure. Don’t let your recovery inconvenience family and friends. Let them be there to help and support you while we take care of your everyday tasks.


Wrap it up…I’ll take it. And wrap we did, when our customer decided to offer gift wrapping for the holidays to all their employees in four separate buildings. Like little elves we wrapped and wrapped until all 4900 gifts looked like they could be delivered directly from the North Pole.


Our customer is a legally blind, high level executive for a large area employer. He often travels the world for his job, but he does not drive so he calls us to stock the fridge when he is in town. How can one guy eat 200 lbs of food you wonder?? Well the answer is his furry friends. Each trip to the grocery includes multiple bags of cat litter and cat food….and they are heavy!


Our customer wanted a special book for her father for Father’s Day. It was a new book and she couldn’t find it at her local book store and didn’t have time to search the city. We were able to track down the last copy at one bookstore. She picked it up that night and was again the apple of her father’s eye.


Mailing list mix ups…admit it…it has happened to you. Our customer has multiple mailing lists and she knows that having just one list to work from would save time and money so she called us. We worked with her to eliminate duplicates, delete wrong addresses and combine the lists into one master list. Now she doesn’t count the number of returned pieces, she just counts the new orders and customers!!

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  • "Sue, Once Again thank you so much for all of your help on my wedding day! I truly appreciate all of the hard work you did to make the day so special.  You have such a great business and I will be sure to write reviews and spread your business name along."

    Stephanie Bride
  • “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! It helps me so much. What a pressure release during the holidays!”

    Christmas Wrapping
  • “These elves did an amazing job making my gifts look spectacular! I can’t wait to put them under the tree!”

    Christmas Wrapping

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